Book cover design: Brule, People of the Rosebud, by Paul Dyck The Refuge, by Katharyn Woodhill Pond Hockey, by Erik and Robert Jacobson
One of the books we designed with cover art by Robert Jacobson. The book is titled, Traveling Down the Highway with and educated goat, by Dr. Henry Poore, M.D.

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Longfeather Book Design is your best source for elegant affordable book design. We design book covers, book interiors and prepare and deliver all of your files for print and ebook production. Let us transform your manuscript into a finished book—a book you'll be proud of. Take advantage of our experience—Robert and Erik Jacobson have spent a combined forty-plus years in designing books for authors and publishers. You can trust us to make your books the best they can be.

What our client's say:

Longfeather Book Design did a fantastic job designing my book. The book is selling very well and I attribute a portion of that success to Longfeather's ability to “get” what the book is all about and translating that understanding to the layout.
— Gretchen Pererson GIS, “Cartographer's Toolkit”

Longfeather Book Design was an absolute pleasure to work with. Erik and Robert made it all possible. Without a doubt, they are the best around and I highly recommend them.
— Allison Charney, “All Our Love, All Your Life”

Good Book Design Helps Sell Your Book

At Longfeather we work with you to produce a book cover and interior pages that attract customers and speak clearly to your audience. Our book design method is both intuitive and logical; it invites the reader to relax and enjoy reading. We love books and want your book to be a true pleasure for you and your readers.

How A Book Designer Works For You

Every book must be designed before it can be printed. A well-designed book is recognizable at a glance. The cover draws interest, the text is inviting and comfortable to read, and the visual logic is evident. At Longfeather we do all of the essential computer stuff with software specific to book design and image editing. We can also serve as liaison to your printer and offer technical guidance throughout the publishing process. For an expanded discussion of the role a book designer plays in the production of your book, please read our article, How a Book Designer Works For You.

What Longfeather Book Design Offers You

Designer and author working together, produce the best results. You'll be involved every step of the way, from preliminary discussions through the completion of press-ready and/or ebook-ready files. And don't worry about the technical details. We'll take care of those. For an expanded description of who we are and what we offer as book designers, please read our article, What Longfeather Book Design Offers You.

Our Portfolio and Reviews From Clients

Our book-design portfolio features a sampling of books we've designed. A number of clients have been kind enough to write reviews of our work with them.

The Book Design Process

For a description about what it's like to work with Longfeather Book Design, please see our articles the book design process.

Free Initial Consultation and Price Quote For Your Book Project

For free initial consultation and a price quote on your book project, please contact us for a custom quote. To see an overview of our pricing click here.

Image Enhancement, Photography and Illustration Services

In addition to book design, we can assist you with image enhancement of your photographs, illustration of your book's key elements, and photography services and author portraits to supplement the text or feature in your book.

Author Resources

Our website also offers an Author Resources section which features articles on how to judge the quality of book design and typography. In addition you'll also find information about printing methods, sources for printing, editing, image resources and a list of our favorite creative professionals.

Commitment to Your Book Project

We are experienced and reliable. We'll work closely with you to design a book you're proud to publish, and we'll help guide your project to it's completion. If you think we may be the right designer for your book please feel free to contact us.