Creative Professionals


Erik Jacobson: The junior partner of Longfeather Book Design. Located in Moscow, Idaho. Erik works with authors to create portraits and imagery for their books.

Raechel Running: Rachel is one of our favorite artist/photographers. She works internationally but her home base is Flagstaff, Arizona. If you're looking for someone to take your project into the visual stratosphere we can't recommend Rachel Running highly enough.

John Running: John is Rachel's dad and is a mentor to quite a few outstanding photographers including Erik Jacobson. Like Rachel his ability to see and create great photo's is in demand from clients all over the globe. He is also located in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Robert Jacobson: The senior partner of Longfeather Book Design. Robert offers lively portraits of the author and/or main characters when provided with good photo references. He lives and works in Moscow, Idaho.

Leslie LePere: A favorite of ours and close friend who lives in eastern Washington state. Les is also Tom Robbins' favorite illustrator and is featured on the cover of most of his books. He is also the artist featured in T.A. Sedlak's Anarcho Grow.

Susi Galloway: Cover artist for The Traveling Tea Ladies series. A wonderful professional to work with.

Lonnie Feather: We worked with Lonnie's fabulous art on the children's book, "The Wave" by Leah Chelius, and we were truly impressed. That an artist could successfully convey life and personality to a young ocean wave is truly astonishing to us, but she did it and it worked beautifully.

Douglas Fraser: Located in Victoria, B.C., Douglas is a world-class illustrator who's work has been featured prominently in many high-profile magazines.

SCBWI: Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children’s literature. A great resource for finding an artist for your book.


Gretchen N. Peterson: A good map can be hard to find, but a great cartographer is just an email away. If your publication needs a geographical representaton Gretchen can create it for you. Author of Cartographer's Toolkit.

Book Designers

Fiona Raven: Lots of respect here. Located in Victoria, B.C., Fiona is a wonderful book designer and person. She is professional, thoughtful, and generous. Take a look at her website, it's packed with great author resources and advice. We hope you'll hire Longfeather Book Design for your book project, but if you don't we recommend Fiona Raven. She's one of the very best book designers you'll find. And for all of you Do-It-Yourselfer's, she's written a great book about how to design your own book: Book Design Made Simple.