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Your Book is Unique

Each book differs in character, length, complexity and format. To determine the price for designing your book, we take into consideration all of these factors and tailor a price quote to fit your book project.

Typical questions to determine a quote for your book include:

A Firm Quote

Once a quote is made we stick with it unless changes are requested from you. We don't charge for minor corrections and changes (within reason). In the book production process, as a manuscript morphs into a book format, errors often become more apparent. We'll gladly make corrections, because it's always part of the process. But if extensive (more than one hour per 100 pages of text) corrections and changes are requested, then an hourly charge ($60 per hour) are added onto the total bill.

Your quote will include the following price breakdown:

Please contact us with details about your book, and we'll provide your custom book-design quote.